Servicing Springfield, Yellow Springs, and Fairborn

      If you are having problems with your PC booting, running smoothly, or are having internet or network issues, let us help! Whether it's a software or hardware problem with your PC, smart phone, tablet, TV, modem, router, or wiring / wifi, we have a wealth of knowledge that can save you headaches without hurting your wallet. As certified IT techs, we specialize in resolving PC problems without data loss, if possible, and for a minimal, or "realistic," fee.

      We work onsite or from home to keep our prices low! We recommend against remote desktop support for two reasons. First, most companies that offer these services use their own bloated, proprietary software that may get you up and running again (unless it's a hardware issue), but they usually fail to fix the underlying problems. This can result in more issues in the future. Second, and most importantly, allowing remote sessions can be very risky. Many ISP's offer such services, but they are often provided by trainees with limited expertise who offer little help in terms of security and protecting your data, other than to point you to more proprietary software.

      Whether you want a quick diagnosis, an affordable, professional solution, or a complete consultation and overhaul of your home network, we are the honest help you've been looking for. No question or job is too big or too small. As an introductory offer (and because we do not have set hours), we will diagnose your problem for free. We have no set fees, often charge on ability to pay, and have been known to charge whatever the customer feels the job was worth to them!

      We are driven by technology. We love that it can be so useful and enjoyable, but it is frustrating when it doesn't function the way it was designed. Having worked for satellite, cable, phone, and internet service providers in the past, as well as bigger PC repair companies, we are disappointed in how many in the industry overcharge for subpar solutions. Before you have an overpaid "geek" lose all of your data for no reason, or talk you into replacing your perfectly good computer that just needs a few tweaks and adjustments, you owe it to yourself to get real advice and real help from a local, real tech.